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Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) Nebraska is a state affiliate of Smart Approaches to Marijuana, the nation’s foremost advocate for sensible, research-based, health-first marijuana policy. Founded by former U.S. Rep. Patrick Kennedy and former White House drug policy advisor Dr. Kevin Sabet, SAM is a coalition of scientists, educators, policymakers, and concerned citizens determined to stop marijuana from becoming the next Big Tobacco. We believe medical research, not the marijuana industry’s profit margins, should drive marijuana control policy.

SAM is a nonpartisan organization encompassing policymakers and health professionals across the political spectrum. SAM President Dr. Kevin Sabet served Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama as an advisor in the President’s Office of National Drug Control Policy.

SAM Nebraska’s Goals:


Stop marijuana commercialization and legalization in Nebraska.


Educate Nebraskans about
the harms of marijuana.


Prevent the marijuana industry from harming Nebraskans’ health.


The fight to stop the next Big Tobacco goes far beyond policymakers and medical professionals. It requires Nebraskans of every background in every corner of our state to join together and spread the word about the health risks of marijuana. Take a look at our coalitions, and then sign up┬áto lend your name to this critical effort. Become as involved as you’d like to be, from signing up as a public opponent to marijuana legalization to submitting a letter to the editor of your local paper or contacting your elected officials.

Concerned Citizens Against Marijuana Legalization

Parents and Grandparents Against Marijuana Legalization

Healthcare Professionals Against Marijuana Legalization

Law Enforcement Professionals Against Marijuana Legalization

County Attorneys Against Marijuana Legalization

Teachers, Counselors, and Administrators Against Marijuana Legalization

Drug Prevention and Treatment Organizations Against Marijuana Legalization

Students Against Marijuana Legalization

Faith Leaders Against Marijuana Legalization

Elected Leaders Against Marijuana Legalization

Business Leaders Against Marijuana Legalization